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" A promising future is most often the result of a legendary past.
Founded on the footsteps of breed legends, looking to a future filled with great promise".

~ CH Cobbler’s Manolo Mocha ~

(Shown above at 1 year old)
Finished with 4 majors!

Crisanda Affens

Manny is the product of two Tani v Kazari bred Affens imported from Holland by Evelyn Shoemaker. After finishing their American championships they were bred stateside. The combination of the two imported pedigrees can easily be compared to a finely woven tapestry. It is filled with wonderful bits and pieces of artful design, yet held tightly together with skilled and precise line breeding having a specific focus on an American Affenpinscher bred by Letisha Wubbel of Kyleakin Affenpinshers....FCI CH., ESG., BSG. Kyleakin Space Cowboy.
Manny from winning his first point on 8/1/15 to his last point was undfeated in the classes, skillfully completing his AKC championship on 9/6/15 with four majors in less than one months time!!!

Breaking down the pedigree:

  • FCI CH., ESG., BSG. Kyleakin Space Cowboy's profound influence throughout Europe and the breed:

    Kicker was born in the United States and bred by Letisha Wubbel. He is the litter brother of Am Ch Kyleakin Mighty Joe Young, another gorgeous Affenpinscher who remained in the United States. Kicker was exported to Holland in June of 2000 as a puppy and became the foundation sire for the Tani Kazari kennel. He would later become the sire and grandsire of many BIS winners, with his most infamous offspring being the top winning Affenpinscher of all time, the 2013 Westminster Best In Show winner, and International Champion & Am Platinum Grand Champion, Muliple Best In Show & Specialty winner Banana Joe v Tani Kazari.

    Kicker fit the breed standard beautifully with his short back, perfect mouth, showy temperament, and lovely head. It was Kicker who opened all the doors for the breed in Europe and became the top working dog in Holland, took BOB in England in 2003, and won the FCI group in at the international show, went on to win the group and an unheard of reserve Best In Show. Undeniably Kicker became the undisputed top Affen by 2004 in Europe. Kicker's prodigy, (some listed below) have also had profound influence on the breed as well.

  • Taking a look closer look at the pedigree:
    (Not all the dogs mentioned below are in this pedigree and merely mentioned as common ancestors were located).

    King Kong, Tinkerbell, Bling Bling, Stuart Little, and Pizzerico
    are full siblings sired by FCI CH., ESG., BSG. Kyleakin Space Cowboy out of Amazing Grace v Tani Kazari. These dogs are the half siblings/& uncles and aunts and one the mother of Banana Joe via their sire Kicker.

  • Stuart Little v Tani Kazari
    is Banana Joe's half brother and uncle via Kicker.

  • I Am Tinkerbell v Tani Kazari
    is Banana Joe's half sister and aunt via Kicker.

  • Mellan Pepper Salt IMA Star
    is sired by Stuart Little v Tani Kazari which makes her a niece to Banana Joe, a grand daughter to Bling Bling (Banana Joe's mother and half sister) and a paternal grand daughter to Kicker and maternal great grand daughter of Kicker.

  • May Day v Tani Kazari
    is out of Bling Bling who is Banana Joe's mother and half sister. So May Day is Banana Joe's half sister and niece via their mother Bling Bling. Their relationship continues with May Day and Banana Joe being the grand children of Kicker via Bling Bling.

  • Shaka Zulu v Tani Kazari
    is out of I am Tinkerbell v Tani Kazari, who is a Kicker daughter and the half sister to Banana Joe who is a Kicker son. So this makes Shaka Zulu a nephew/& cousin to Banana Joe and and May Day v Tani Kazari, and also a grandson of Kicker.

  • Orlock Divinity Drake
    is sired by Shaka Zulu v Tani Kazari, a Kicker grandson, so Orlock Divinity Drake is a Kicker Great grand daughter via her grandmother I am Tinkerbell v Tani Kazari, a Kicker daughter.
  • Footnote: Pedigree review of Banana Joe v Tani Kazari
    Banana Joe is out of Bling Bling v Tani Kazari sired by FCI CH., ESG., BSG. Kyleakin Space Cowboy aka "Kicker". Bling Bling v Tani Kazari was bred back to her sire FCI CH., ESG., BSG. Kyleakin Space Cowboy and that breeding produced two male Affens... 2013 Westminster Best In Show winner, International Champion & Am Platinum Grand Champion, Muliple Best In Show & Specialty winner Banana Joe v Tani Kazari and his litter brother Multiple Toy Group winner/Am Grand Ch. Hanuman v Tani Kazari who was exported to the United States. Banana Joe and his brother Hanuman are not only mother/son, but half brother/sister to Bling Bling via Kicker. In a nutshell Banana Joe and his brother were the result of a inbreeding on FCI CH., ESG., BSG. Kyleakin Space Cowboy aka "Kicker" with a inbreeding coefficient occurrence calculated by Wright's at 25.00% and Hardiman's 18.75%.

    While Banana Joe v Tani Kazari is not an Affen directly named in this pedigree he is in fact closely related to at least five, if not more, of the Affens in this pedigree. This is a point taken merely to associate consistent breed type in relationship to the key players within any given pedigree. Many of the Affens aforementioned are indeed part of a similar family tree by breeding and bloodlines alone.

  • To summarize:
    It's hard to evaluate just how influential any one dog can be in a pedigree, let alone the breed until you have evaluated what the dogs listed in the pedigree have produced within their bloodline. Until you break a pedigree down piece by piece you can't appropriately identify what influence, if any, that any one dog has had, or even grasp the overall "bigger" picture of the pedigree. You must evaluate each dog on their own merits. An evaluation is a mere dissection of each dog as it relates within the pedigree to it's ancestors. Names that may seem insignificant at first can in fact play signifcant roles within the pedigree.

    A talented breeder knows how to weave beautiful dogs together to create and maintain beautiful breed type. This breeder obviously has proven that she possesses that skill.

    A detailed analogy of any pedigree helps extract the smallest of detail. The purpose is to identify how each dog is iteratively connected to the other and how that "connectiveness" either works or doesn't.

    This was merely a simple analogy of a pedigree of one of my dogs and nothing more. I'm not trying to compare any of my dogs to any one persons dogs, famous or otherwise, nor am I trying to imply any of my dogs will ever compare. I simply love pedigrees. Researching pedigrees is just something I love to do. I enjoy it and find fascinating so I study everyone's pedigrees as much as I can. It's how I learn.

    I couldn't be happier with this new addition and we look forward to showing and photographing him as he matures. I am very proud to add his quality to my program and hopefully one day he and his close relative Bamba will produce the quality in breed type I love.

    Photo credit:
  • Vickie J Ehrlekrona Photography

  • Height: TBD

    Champion Cobbler’s Manolo Mocha
  • Evelyn Shoemaker
  • Owner: Vickie Ehrlekrona
    ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
    AM Ch Tony Baloney v Tani KazariInt CH Multi BIS Ch Shaka Zulu v Tani KazariNL/AM CH Tamarin Tamino Rheingold
    I am Tinkerbell v Tani Kazari
    Mellan Pepper Salt IMA StarCh Stuart Little v Tani Kazari
    Jeugdwinster, winster en BOB 2005 May Day v. Tani Kazari
    AM Ch Coco Nuts v Tani KazariTamarin ThomasSUCH/AM Ch Territype Harry Potter
    AM CH Collindale's Bonnie
    Orlock Divinity DrakeInt CH Multi BIS Ch Shaka Zulu v Tani Kazari
    Orlock Nyssa
    Pedigrees are deemed reliable but not guaranteed for accuracy.

    " Do not look back because that's not the way you're going... "
    ~ Unknown ~

    The beautiful Affens that grace these pages are the result of decades of decicated Affen breeders around the world.

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