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" A promising future is most often the result of a legendary past.
Founded on the footsteps of breed legends, looking to a future filled with great promise".

~ CH Cobblers Manolo Mocha ~

(Shown above at 7 years old)
Finished with 4 majors!

Crisanda Affens

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  • This beautiful belge youngster comes to us from Cobbler Affenpinschers in Midland, Texas. He is tightly line bred on FCI CH., ESG., BSG. Kyleakin Space Cowboy.

    Manny is the product of two Tani v Kazari bred Affens imported from Holland by Evelyn Shoemaker. After finishing their American championships they were bred stateside. The combination of the two imported pedigrees can easily be compared to a finely woven tapestry. It is filled with wonderful bits and pieces of artful design, yet held tightly together with skilled and precise line breeding having a specific focus on an American Affenpinscher bred by Letisha Wubbel of Kyleakin Affenpinshers....FCI CH., ESG., BSG. Kyleakin Space Cowboy.

    From his first AKC points won, (on 8/1/15 to his last 9/6/15) Manny finished in just three show weekends undefeated from the classes with four majors!!!


    ~ CH Cobblers Manolo Mocha ~

    (Shown above at 7 years old)

    ~ CH Cobblers Manolo Mocha ~

    (Shown above at 15 months old)

    His color is washed out by the bright sunlight that day making him look grizzled. He is not. He's a rich belge color.

    (Shown above at 1 year old)

    CH Cobblers Manolo Mocha
  • Evelyn Shoemaker/Mike Cooijamans gets full credit for this pedigree as they are her lines.
  • Owner: Vickie Ehrlekrona
    ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
    AM CH Tony Baloney v Tani KazariW.W, JWW CH Multi BIS Ch Shaka Zulu v Tani KazariNL/AM CH Tamarin Tamino Rheingold
    I am Tinkerbell v Tani Kazari
    Mellan Pepper Salt IMA StarCh Stuart Little v Tani Kazari
    Jeugdwinster, winster en BOB 2005 May Day v. Tani Kazari
    AM CH Coco Nuts v Tani KazariTamarin ThomasSUCH/AM Ch Territype Harry Potter
    AM CH Collindale's Bonnie
    Orlock Divinity DrakeW.W, JWW CH Multi BIS Ch Shaka Zulu v Tani Kazari
    Orlock Nyssa
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    " Do not look back because that's not the way you're going... "
    ~ Unknown ~

    The beautiful Affens that grace these pages are the result of decades of decicated Affen breeders around the world.

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