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~ Vicki Platts & Evan ~

Hi Vickie,

I am so sorry I haven’t e-mailed you sooner. We have been so busy. Randy got transferred for a do not pass up job opportunity in Charlotte, North Carolina and after agonizing over this for days, decided it was the right thing to do. We are so happy to be here. We have a house that overlooks a lake, with an acre of property and lots of pine trees. We even have hiking trails in our neighborhood and we are close to the state park and a national park as well.

Evan is doing great with all of this. We drove down here at the end of May; which was about a 12 hour drive. Evan was so good, up until the last hour, he cried and cried. I think he was just tired of being in the crate and the car for so long. I stopped the car a few times to see if he had food, water or needed a bathroom stop, but everything was good, so he was just cranky from the road trip; like me.

We stayed in a hotel with a kitchen for a week before we closed on our new home and Evan was the best dog I could have asked for at such a difficult week for Randy and I. Very well behaved, no accidents and just a happy little man to be everywhere with us.

I took him to Florida with me mid June on a plane to visit my parents for a few days. Again, he was so quiet and very well behaved; people were very surprised that I had a dog in the Sherpa bag I was carrying. I thought he might be unhappy in the plane, but to my surprise he slept the entire trip. He is just happy being with me. I have never felt so loved.

I am taking another road trip down to Florida to visit with Randy’s Mom, then off to my parents. This is only a 7 hour drive then another 2 hours to my parent’s home later in the week. I look forward to taking Evan and I know he will be happy to go as well. He really loves the car now; he jumps in the backseat and into his crate all the time. We end up taking him almost everywhere and he is getting to be quite the traveler.

He is loving North Carolina. Loves the water, but won’t go swimming, yet, he sometimes needs time to get up his nerve to do some things. We got him a life jacket (so cute in yellow) so he would be safe. We have a boat slip here, but no boat. We may get a kayak or canoe, but not sure as of yet. We have taken Evan on a few hikes at the state park and he does better than me. Also, walk on the trails in our neighborhood every day. Evan is finding the deer, toads, rabbits and turtles are fun to see. I just hope we don’t run into any skunks or raccoons, haven’t come across any yet, but I am sure they are around as well.

Will keep you updated on our little man. I am sending a couple picture’s of Evan with his new found friend.

Vicki J

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