** Vickie, You have no idea how much I love little Shay Rose! She is everything and more that I could have wanted in a dog. She is the sweetest little thing.Shay is doing so well. She is like my little shadow, she follows me every where. She is eating well now and the Vet checked her for heartworm and it was negative. She is doing well on a leash and getting the hang of going to the bathroom outside. I just love her so much. Today she broke my heart when I had to go to work. She was just looking out from behind the baby gate in the kitchen with her little paws on the gate and gazing at me with her big brown eyes and her tail wagging. I told her mommy had to go to work so I could buy her more toys. I hope she understands. I miss her and Coco and it is a bummer coming back to work! Michele Carcirieri

  I actively support, and practice the preservation of this incredible little breed
and strongly encourage others to do the same.

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