2006 REFERENCE ** Hi Vickie, Peanut is keeping me very busy these days! Sometimes he's a little terror and other times he's just a sweetie. He's still getting used to going on walks, but for the most part does well. He's going to go to puppy kindergarten soon, so I hope that goes well! Here are a couple of pictures. We were playing tug oh war so he's all excited/schocked-looking -_- I don't think he likes the camera much, as he always seems to bark at it. ;-) Claudia


 Do you feel I am a breeder who is reputable?  Yes.  You provided much information and requested it as well, which shows you care about where your babies end up.  
Do you believe I am a breeder who has a broad knowledge base about puppies, breeding, pedigrees, quality, etc? Yes.  One only has to browse your website to know that. :-)  
Did I appear to know my breed well? Yes, you do.  Your site is full of wonderful information.  
Did my knowledge base help you or hinder you as a Buyer?  It helped me.  I feel I learned more about the breed because of what I read on your site.  
Did you feel like you were an informed Buyer? Yes.   
Were my expectations of you as a Buyer to high?
 I think so, but I see that as a good thing.  It's understandable that you wouldn't want the babies to end up in a bad home.  
Did I walk you through purchasing the puppy, and the shipping process in a way you felt well informed? Yes. :-)  It made me feel less nervous. :-)  
Did I treat you with respect? Of course!  
Did I effectively communicate with you in all ways? Definitely.  We had constant email communication, which I think really helped.  
Did I answer all your questions thoroughly? Yes, you did.  
Do you think I kept you informed about how the puppy was progressing while you were waiting for him?
.Yep!  I appreciated all the pictures! ;-)
Was my contract thorough? Yes, very much so.  
Did my contract clearly state my expectations of you as a Buyer? Yes.  
Did my contract clearly state my expectations of myself? Yes.  
Did my contract appear fair to you as a Buyer? Yes, very fair.  
Do you feel my contract protected you as a Buyer? Yes.  
Do you feel my contract clearly covered my expectations for neutering your puppy? Yes, it was all very clear.  
Did I explain any contract questions you may have had regarding the contract? Yes, you answered all of the questions I had. :-)  
Did I discuss any expenses and the purchase price with you thoroughly? Yes, everything was very clear.  
Do you feel I sent you a Papillon puppy of quality, and is he a good representative of his breed? Yes!  He's a wonderful feisty little butterfly. :-)  
Did I misrepresent the quality of my puppy in any way? No.  
Do you feel you have a healthy, happy puppy? Yes.  He's lively and active and keeps me busy. ;-)  
 Is Peanut the Papillon you and your family had wished for? Yes, Peanut is. :-)  
On a scale of 1-10, and please be honest with me, how do you feel I communicated with you?  10.  I appreciated the constant email contact. :-)  
If you were to go out and purchase another puppy would you come back to Crisanda a second time? Definitely.   
Would you refer me to others? Yes, I would.  
Could I use you as a reference for future Buyers? Of course. :-)  
If you shipped, did your puppy arrive safely? Yes! He was a little shaken, but once we got him settled he was fine.  
Did you have a good experience purchasing from Crisanda? Yes, very positive experience.  


  I actively support, and practice the preservation of this incredible little breed
and strongly encourage others to do the same.

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