*Lulu now lives in Paris France with chief designer Odl Bauer!
** Hi, sweet Vickie! We are all so thrilled with her beauteous little royalship!!! She is more than divine!!! She is really very smart and just a darling sweetie!!! You have made me so very happy, chere Vickie My nephew, Arnan calls her a happy pappy! and that she is!

I wanted to say how well adjusted she is with little kids as well as our dogs.....this is due to your dedication to socializing them and giving them so much love and attention which gives them security! So you see I don't have to fill out the questionaire because YOU ARE TRULY THE MOST WONDERFUL AND PROFESSIONAL AND FABULOUS PERSON!!!!!

I would absolutely recommend you to any of my friends that would love to have a little Lulu! Also, you can use me as a reference any time you like with my e-mail address! Grand, grand grand amites!!
XXXXXXX's Big kisses to you! love, Odl and Lulu.

I'm Odl's brother, Andy. I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful
job you did with Lulu! She is remarkably well socialized and is
really a charming little dog. I can assure you my sister will treat
her like a little princess. It's so clear that Lulu has come from a
really great home and pedigree. We have a four year old Boston
Terrier who just adored Lulu. If I ever considered
having another dog, I would surely contact you.
Best regards,

Andy Bauer

hi, vickie,
I can't believe that it's Lulu's first birthday! She looks lovely and is everything I could have dreamed of in every way! I can't tell you enough how happy we are to have such a truly darling little dog! I can remember the first time you sent me a picture of her ....it was really just having my dream come true to see her, as I had it so envisioned in my mind - a tri colored little female with lots of black spots and of course those ubiquitous and impertinent caramel colored cheeks! Truly the mark of a princess with lots of divatude! And that she is!!! A little sassy jewel who melts the hearts of all who have the pleasure of meeting her!

We thank you a million times for all the care and love you put in raising such beautiful and lovely babies. We wanted to go to the tour eiffel today to take a picture of her on her first birthday, but it is grey and raining, so we will wait for some sunshine - even though la p'tit princesse loves the rain and so loves jumping in puddles! She is not one bit prissy and never fusses to go outside to potty if it is raining.......in fact she doesn't even give it a thought ..... It's so much fun to look at the album of photos that you sent me during the course of the 4 months that you had her, and we cherish them very much. Voila, and Lulu sends you very many kisses and lots of love from all of us! XXXXXX's Odl

  I actively support, and practice the preservation of this incredible little breed
and strongly encourage others to do the same.

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