Vickie, We took Kirby to Dr. Bill Brom today. He is absolutely perfect, which we already knew! He weighed in at 3lbs 2oz and of course had no signs of worms or other parasites. Dr Brom said he was beautiful and very healthy. He was a real trooper and even tried to protect the girls from a big Chocolate Lab he thought was coming near them. He is just adorable and oh so smart!! He is doing well with the house training and just captivates all the neighbors who stop by to visit. Thanks so much for everything! He is the greatest!

My surveys are just new this year so Kirby's family was the first to fill one out. It's important for me to know how my Buyer's feel their experience of buying a puppy from me far I'm at 99%!!!!!


 Do you feel I am a breeder who is reputable?  Exceptionally reputable!
Do you believe I am a breeder who has a broad knowledge base about puppies, breeding, pedigrees, quality, etc? We were originally attracted to you as a breeder because of your website, the amount of information you offered about the breed, yourself as a breeder and your family made us very comfortable and extremely impressed. The music was also a very nice touch. We were impressed by the pictures of your dogs and your home. It gave us a sense of comfort.  
Did I appear to know my breed well?  VERY well !
Did my knowledge base help you or hinder you as a Buyer?  Absolutely helped us.
Did you feel like you were an informed Buyer?  Very informed, one of the things that impressed us most was your portrayal of the love for the breed. We also liked the fact that you were up front about your financial policies, and did not encourage someone to look further at your website if they were concerned about money and your honesty. This let us know up front that you took pride in your love of the breed.
Were my expectations of you as a Buyer to high?
 Absolutely not!
Did I walk you through purchasing the puppy, and the shipping process in a way you felt well informed? Yes, I felt I could "bug" you about anything! I felt comfortable knowing that you had shipped numerous pups and adult dogs and knew the ropes.
Did I treat you with respect?  Always.
Did I effectively communicate with you in all ways?  Yes, and I have to say the pictures were my absolute favorite way of communication. It allowed us to "know" Kirby even before he knew us.
Did I answer all your questions thoroughly?  Every last one of them!
Do you think I kept you informed about how the puppy was progressing while you were waiting for him?  Absolutely, once again the pictures proved that we were getting an excellent quality pup.
Was my contract thorough? Yes.
Did my contract clearly state my expectations of you as a Buyer? Yes.
Did my contract clearly state my expectations of myself?  Yes.
Did my contract appear fair to you as a Buyer?  Absolutely.
Do you feel my contract protected you as a Buyer?  Yes.
Do you feel my contract clearly covered my expectations for neutering your puppy? Yes. 
Did I explain any contract questions you may have had regarding the contract?  Yes, you promptly replied when Kirby's "info" was left off the top, due to a computer error and corrected it immediately.
Did I discuss any expenses and the purchase price with you thoroughly?  Yes.
Do you feel I sent you a Papillon puppy of quality? Is your Papillon a good representative of the breed? Absolutely, we think he is perfect and very smart! 
Did I misrepresent the quality of my puppy in any way?  No.
Do you feel you have a healthy, happy puppy?  Yes, he feels like he has always been a part of our family.
 Is your Crisanda Papillon the puppy your family had wished for?  He is much MORE than we wished for!
On a scale of 1-10, and please be honest with me, how do you feel I communicated with you?  10++++++
If you were to go out and purchase another puppy would you come back to Crisanda a second time? Yes, no doubt about it!
Would you refer me to others?  Anytime.
Could I use you as a reference for future Buyers?  Of course!
If you shipped, did your puppy arrive safely?  Yes.
Did you have a good experience purchasing from Crisanda?  Yes.

Thanks again for everything! Samantha Schaefer

  I actively support, and practice the preservation of this incredible little breed
and strongly encourage others to do the same.

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