Breeder Vickie J. Ehrlekrona
Rumor has found a wonderful family in the beautiful mountains of Montana. She will be absolutely spoiled and pampered and that is what I always look for in a home. The family came with high expectations of what they were looking for in a Papillon because they had friends that own a Crisanda puppy!! They were absolutely delighted to find such a nice puppy and I'm glad I met their standard of excellence and I'm glad that I had a nice girl for them to love because as a breeder it's a tough decision to let such a pretty girl go, especially one with a pedigree like hers! It was their lucky day to say the very least,*smile* and mine too because Rumor has a wonderful family!

Kate writes:" She acts as if she has always been with us and is quite relaxed w/ the boys. She has decided that Jacob is hers and follows him everywhere! :) My husband believes that the reason some papillons have knee issues are because they are so cute everyone wants to hold them all the time and they don't walk enough!! We really love her sweet disposition and are already thinking we need another to be her companion. I really love her sweet disposition. I don't think she knows what a stranger is because she is so friendly. Even Tom gets quite a kick out of her. Anyway, we are happy with her as you can guess by now. I do want to set something up so that Jacob and I work together w/ obedience and agility. I do think that we will have to add a companion down the road...maybe that really cute one born the other night w/ the great blaze...hint...hint.... Thanks again for such a wonderful dog. Kate


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  I actively support, and practice the preservation of this incredible little breed
and strongly encourage others to do the same.

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